SSR Surfboards – 2012 Model Range


The SSR  surfboard range consists of  three models for small, midsize and bigger wave  surf conditions. A high – performance small wave SSR – Scorpion model, designed for younger surfers. The SSR – Odyssey model designed for surf conditions, that requires a surfboard to be ridden in a variety of different waves. SSR – Assault model for bigger wave surf when a step up in surfboard length is required. All surfboards manufactured from PU blank, APS 3000 machine – cut, hand shape finish, with professional manufactured glassing and finishing. These models also include a pro tail patch.


SSR Scorpion Series.

Surfboard  Length /   5.10 – 6.2

Wave Size / 1 – 4  Ft

Small Wave Surfboards Designed For Grommets

Inclusive Removable Fin Systems.


SSR Odyssey Series.

Surfboard Length / 6.2 – 6.6

Wave Size / 3 – 6  Ft

Mid Wave Surfboards Designed For The Travelling Surfer

Inclusive Removable Fin Systems.


SSR Assault Series.

Surfboard Length / 6.6 – 6.10

Wave Size / 4 – 8 Ft

Semi Gun Surfboards Designed For Bigger Days / Bigger Barrells

Inclusive Removable Fin Systems.


Available From SSR Surf / Skate Stores – Indonesia

For further information and news check out  SSR website …


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