Rusty Surfboards Australia

The first time I remember seeing a Rusty Preisendorfer surfboard was back in the summer of 1987 / 1988. Richard Kelly had returned to Western Australia from Hawaii and bought an 8.0 handshaped Rusty gun home from the islands. Rusty originally handmade Richard three big wave guns to use during the contest season in Hawaii, the surfboards were finished by Diamond and Moonlight glassing companies.

This particular 8.0 Rusty gun was sleek and refined and watching Richard Kelly freesurf at Yalllingup in the south west region of Western Australia left a lasting impression. The surf was solid 8 / 10 ft in size and light offshore winds were blowing. Richard tore the right hand bowl to pieces with a series of full rail carving turns and was throwing massive rooster tail sprays out of the pocket and lip. It looked like the surfboard generated an incredible amount of down the line speed and had fantastic holding power in the pocket.

Another top Western Australian professional surfer of the time was Dave Macaulay. Dave was also surfing on this day. Fine tuning a series of Colin Ladhams shaped Santosha surfboards before he  flew out overseas for an event. For myself and a few other crew who were in the water on this sunny afternoon at Yallingup,  it was fun to watch these surfers rip this place apart.

Simon Law and Greg Anderson have also impressed in the past surfing in Western Australia for Rusty surfboards at the Margaret River Thriller event in big waves.


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