Js Surfboards

Js Surfboards have had another great year with Joel Parkinson winning the 2012 ASP World Championship Title and Jack Freestone winning the Oakley 2012 World Junior Title in Bali, Indonesia.

2013 will see in a new year and Js Industries are not going to be kicking about in the past. They have been busy designing a bunch of new models which you can trust will be better than before. Tested by some of the world’s best surfers in every condition imaginable. JS are set to deliver a collection that will set a new benchmark in performance surfboards.

The JS models favoured by Joel Parkinson and Jack Freestone to ride in a variety of surf conditions are.

Revolution Model.

Revolution is the evolution of best selling JS Model – Blak Box. Carbon strips strategically placed along the bottom determines the tail flex for a responsive feeling surfboard. The thickness is forward of centre and the dome deck creates less rail volume. A slightly straightened narrower tail pad for more positive drive and directional changes.

Revolution is the new ultimate JS small wave killer built for small wave conditions from 1 -4 foot surf.

Jack Freestone rides a 5.10 model in 1 – 6 feet surf and Joel Parkinson also rides a 5.10 model in 2 – 6 feet surf conditions.

World Champions Joel Parkinson and Jack Freestone ride JS surfboards
World Champions Joel Parkinson and Jack Freestone ride JS surfboards
JS surfboards
JS surfboards

DHD – Darren Handley Designs

Another surfboard shaper from the Gold Coast of Queensland that has been doing well lately is Darren Handley of DHD designs. Team rider Mick Fanning has been in great form in recent times on the ASP World Tour. DHD surfboards are available at different surf shops around the globe, if you get the opportunity to test ride a Darren Handley surfboard then jump to it and check it out …

Mick Fanning
Mick Fanning
Mick Fanning - Quicksilver Pro. France
Mick Fanning – Quicksilver Pro. France
Mick Fanning - Fiji
Mick Fanning – Fiji

Australian Surfer / Shaper – Haydn Lewis


Haydn Lewis who is now shaping on behalf of Insight Surfboards is designing a range of shortboards, longboards and alternative boards for Insight. He has just released his new website and for more information and news you can visit and checkout¬†Australian surfer / shaper Haydn Lewis for Insight surfboards …