Indonesia Surf Contest Season 2014 – SSR Team Riders

The 2014 Indonesian surf contest season is due to kick off with surf events planned around the region of Indonesia. In Java there will be an International surf contest taking place at Red Island in East Java presented by Magic Wave Surf Magazine of Bali and Tourism Indonesia. Pacitian Boardriders Club in East Java will also hold The Hidden Point Surf Classic presented by Hurley. Other surf contests will be held throughout the region during the year.

SSR will be represented during the Indonesian Surf Contest Season with team riders from Pangandaran, West Java competing at selected events this year. Didin Flores, Bayu Triyono, Dian Hardiyanto and Ambon will be flying the SSR flag.

We wish the SSR crew a safe journey on their travels and hope they score some good waves at these events.


Didin Flores with SSR
Didin Flores with SSR
Didin Flores representing sponsor SSR this season on the Indonesia Circuit
Didin Flores representing sponsor SSR this season on the Indonesian Surf Tour
Dian Hardiyanto representing SSR at selected events this year
Dian Hardiyanto representing SSR at selected events this year

SSR Product Photo Catalogue

We have had the opportunity in recent times to work with some up and coming Indonesian surf photographers and would like to say thankyou for their contributions to SSR. On display are some portfolio – product shots from Deni surf Firman from Batukaras and Emma Ermawan from Pangandaran at work in Indonesia.


The Search - Ja, Ja, Didin and Dian ... West Java
The Search – Ja, Ja, Didin and Dian


The crew from SSR kicking back in Java, Indonesia
The SSR Crew Kicking Back


Didin Flores
Didin Flores


Didin Flores
Late afternoon surf check


Didin Flores
Didin Flores


Indonesian Line Up Shot
Classic Indonesian Line Up Shot


Ja Ja
Ja Ja surfing at the national park


Julian Groom - Indonesia
Julian Groom


SSR Product Testing In Indonesia

During the last 3 years we have tested our products in a variety of surf conditions through out Indonesia. Surfing some of the best waves in the world and getting immediate feedback from our team riders and passing this information on to the surfboard designers and shapers and this has assisted us greatly. This has given us a lot of confidence, within the manufacturing and retail selling of our SSR products to the international surfing community.

Bayu – SSR Product Testing In Indonesia
Didin Flores – SSR Team Rider Surfboard Quiver
Didin Flores
Didin Flores surfing in East Java, Indonesia
Didin Flores surfing in Pangandaran, West Java,
Ja Ja surfing in West Java – Indonesia
Julian Groom - Pangandaran, West Java - Indonesia
Julian Groom – Pangandaran, West Java – Indonesia

SSR – Surfboards 2014

SSR 2014Recently some of the new designs for 2014 were released, what we are finding is that a lot of the local crew want to go the way of riding smaller and really refined shorter and wider surfboards.

For example 5.4, 5.6, 5.8 are becoming popular size surfboards, for surfing performance based waves in Indonesia. If you have the surf fitness to be able to paddle surfboards of this size then the opportunity is available to test ride these designs before choosing upon a custom order. At present some of the 2014 range is being designed by International shaper Mochamad Yunis and the feedback so far has been positive.

Didin and Bayu chilling out in Pangandaran, Java.
Didin Flores – SSR surfboards test drive
Afternoon surf check with Bayu and Didin