Moments – 2014

This year SSR team riders have done very well on the Indonesian surfing contest circuit. Back in May 2014 – Dian Hardiyanto was the Winner of the Junior Division at Palau Merah / Red Island in East Java, Banyuwangi. The event was sponsored by Magic Wave Surfing Magazine of Bali and Tourism Indonesia. Recently Didin Flores was the Winner of the Hurley Surf and Enjoy Contest held in fun waves at Pantai Parangtritis,Yogyakarta in East Java.

Other SSR team riders Bayu and Ambon have also impressed throughout the year at different stages at other events.

In closing it has been great to witness this year’s rapid rise of Dian Hardiyanto as an Indonesian competitive surfer. Dian won 5 events this year in Java and it has been a remarkable comeback from injury, as a youngster he was involved in a hit and run car accident and doctor’s feared that he would never be able to walk again, let alone being able to go surf. That was all but a distant far away dream.

Dian has now recovered from the accident and is surfing with speed and power.

Overall it has been a satisfying year for us at SSR …

Didin Flores
Didin Flores


Hurley Surf Enjoy Surf Contest
Surf and Enjoy
Dian Hardiyanto - Winner Red Island. East Java.
Dian Hardiyanto – Winner Red Island. East Java.
Dian Hardiyanto
Dian Hardiyanto – Frontside Air Reverse 360