Welcome To SSR Surfboards Blog

Welcome to SSR Surfboards blog, we kicked off this blog back in June 2010 on WordPress and have included some information about the SSR surf brand from Western Australia and it’s brand re-launch in Indonesia and you can also checkout some of our manufacturing data of SSR Surfboards and SSR Surf Team photos taken in Australia and Indonesia.

We have provided some tips about custom ordering your surfboard from your local surfboard shaper to buying a new surfboard off the showroom floor from your favourite surf shop.

This blog we created, is not only about SSR Surfboards.

You can also browse our blog for a Surfboard Company Directory, Surf Fins Directory and Surfing Hardware Accessory Directory for further product information. So our SSR blog it’s jam packed full of news and information for people who enjoy riding surfboards and the surfing lifestyle. Some of the other surfboard brands that we have featured on our WordPress blog include.

  • Channel Islands Surfboards
  • DHD Surfboards
  • Insight Surfboards
  • JS Surfboards
  • Lost Surfboards
  • Pukas Surfboards
  • Pyzel Surfboards
  • Rusty Surfboards
  • Superbrand Surfboards
  • SSR Surfboards

So that’s it from us, so if you have some free time jump in and check out our blog and we hope it can provide you with some useful information about the lifestyle of surfing and the surfboards that we ride.

Jordy Smith From South Africa Riding Designs By Al Merrick Of Channel Islands Surfboards


Julian Groom About To Head Off To The Outer Islands In Indonesia Looking For Surf.