Small Business Memories – SSR


So it’s nice to now be able to finally look back upon some small business memories.

To start a core surfboard business in Perth, Western Australia is not an easy location to make a small business work. As Perth is one of the most isolated capital cities in the world. The statistic’s show that in Australia 60% of small business fail in their first three years of operation.It takes a lot of focus and drive to be able to build a business from 1988 and step thirty years into the future. There is no guarantee for success in Australia or in the global surfing market, but the base requirements are passion and to believe in your brand, listen to customer feedback and keep refining your products, provide friendly customer service and keep your business administration tightly structured and remember to pay your bills to your suppliers on time.

Manufacturing surfboards is also a great stepping stone, to surf better waves, travel and meet people from other cultures.


We decided to re Рlaunch our SSR brand during 2010 in the region of Indonesia in South East Asia. The location we are based, is in the heart of Pangandaran in West Java. Indonesia is an Islamic country  with a population over 250 million people. The average wage is 350,000 rupiah per month for families. It has been really important for SSR to also provide some surfboard sponsorship to young Indonesian surfers and to create some other employment opportunities in the local community. I feel happy knowing that we have now accomplished our goals and faced our challenges over the last 30 years and running an international brand on such tight budgets is never easy, but trust me it can be done.

So don’t ever feel threatened by global terrorism – surf, travel and follow your dreams to wherever they may be …

Perhaps Start A Small Business …